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Features of wood used in all our wood doors and furniture products:

  • 100% Seasoned- wood used is 100% seasoned in our own wood seasoning plant.
  • Fully Chemically Treated- Our treatment plant prepares the wood with all the chemicals required for production.
  • Termite Resistant- A Life Long Warranty Justify the anti-termite nature of the wood
  • Weather Resistant- the wood used is not damaged in any weather conditions*.

Available Wood

Available Variety of wood used in our products:-
Doors made of sheesham wood, teak wood, sagwan wood and mango wood

1. Indian Sheesham Wood
2. Sagwan Wood (Nagpur Teak Wood)
3. Chaamp Wood
4. Holock Wood
5. Mango Wood
6. Ghana Teak Wood
7. Ivory Coast Wood
8. Rose Wood
9. Steam Beach Wood
10. Sal Wood
11. Silvestor Wood

12. Rubber Wood
13. White Sidar Wood
14. Merenty Wood
15. German Pine Wood
16. New zealand Pine Wood

Note:- Any other wood of customer choice can be used (Available in Indian market)

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